Related Services

Making a film is hard, but once you’re done, distributing your film worldwide is so much easier when you choose Archibald Film as your distribution partner. Our company gets your film in front of the right audience. We are able to secure the best distribution approach for your film through our partnership with various distribution outlets and platforms. We are able to negotiate the best deal for you and ensure that your film will be seen by your intended audience.

Our team is comprised of professionals who are on the top the game and have extensive knowledge and expertise in various areas of film production, distribution, and marketing. We are highly qualified and experienced to provide all your needs to properly distribute and market your film. On top of our range of distribution services, we also offer the following auxiliary services.

Assessing and Packaging Services

After you have completed your film, send it to our team of professional quality control experts who will then check that your material is able to comply with the technical quality standards of the digital distribution market today. We will then ensure that the material can be adequately converted into the various formats required by your chosen platforms.

After your film has been thoroughly assessed and inspected by our quality control team, we will help you plan for the packaging of your film. This involves developing the overall image (including cover art, images for promotional material, etc.) that you want to use. We understand the value of artwork in this market, so we have a team of graphic designers who will be assist you during this crucial time.

Marketing Services

We will also help you schedule marketing activities and promotional efforts before your film’s scheduled release date. We have expert representation in both the domestic and international market. We also have extensive professional resources for a wide range of marketing campaigns, no matter what budget you have. You will work directly with our team who will provide your work with personalized attention to ensure that you are able to obtain your objectives for your film.