With our extensive network, we help content creators and independent filmmakers make certain that their creative vision and financial investment reaches the eyes of their intended audience. Our services are uniquely tailored to each filmmaker, in such a way that ensures that every title is distributed through an approach that precisely suits the message and target audience of the film. Every film we distribute utilizes the best distribution approach possible for it.

We work directly with our distribution partners and we have cultivate positive relationships with some of the best digital platforms in the industry. We negotiate on behalf the filmmakers to ensure that they are able to receive the best deals available. The rates that we provide take into account the subject matter of the film, the distribution channels that will be utilized, and the range of services that will be availed by the filmmaker. We offer discounts for repeat clients and filmmakers who will avail multiple services at once. Some of the key services that we provide are enumerated below.

Home Video

We have partnered with a wide range of distribution channels from the largest retail stores to smaller mom-and-pop video stores in the North American market to ensure the timely and successful release of your film.

Worldwide VOD

We are currently partnered with some of the top platforms for VOD. At the same time, we also aggressively pursue partnerships with emerging VOD platforms. This will ensure that your film reaches a wider audience, especially if you are marketing it specifically for digital streaming and downloading consumers.


Although we seldom have clients who wish to present their films to free and pay-TV networks, we do provide broadcast services for filmmakers who are looking to gain a better foothold in the television industry. We are partnered with the top studios and broadcasting stations in the nation as well in a number of countries around the world.

Licensing in Foreign Territories

A considerable part of our business comes from licensing rights to distributors foreign markets. This is ideal for filmmakers who wish to see their product localized and distributed in other countries.