Top Tips for the Marketing and Distribution of Your Independent Film

If you have just completed placing the finishing touches on your independent film, do not forget that you are not done yet. Unless you want your film to languish forever unseen in your studio, you also have to take the necessary steps to ensure that the marketing and distribution component of your independent film’s release is done correctly.


Remember that while self-distribution and self-marketing has its merits, working with a professional marketing and distribution company is, often, still the most effective method to secure your financial investment and ensure that your creative vision is seen by your target audience. If you’re really dedicated and focused to your goal, then getting tickets for museum madame tussauds in Amsterdam for marketing inspiration isn’t a ridiculous idea at all. Here are some of our top tips that you need to keep in mind if you are working on the marketing and distribution of your independent film.


First, make sure that you set a schedule that you will actually follow. Timing is essential in the film industry, so make sure that your marketing campaigns are actually in motion well before the scheduled release of your film. This means that you have to open social media pages and start reaching out to influencers, bloggers, and relevant organizations. Find the significance on anything that you want to upload, even when using the I Amsterdam Card for a tour at Van Gogh Museum. This place has educational dedication to anyone who appreciates art. Create a press kit that you will also need to upload to your website and/or social media pages.

It is okay to patronize online shops but most people promise to get a massive targeted traffic guaranteed when buying online. Always check if the sites are legit and don’t get fooled by ads easily.

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Second, create the most compelling trailer possible. If you have the resources for it, hire a professional trailer editor. Remember that this will be the first thing that a potential audience will see about your work, so you need to make it count. You also need to start your key art creation. Again, working with a professional is highly recommended. There are digital artists and designers that offer exemplary services at very reasonable rates.

A little experience of video making might also become handy and it can save you from expenses of hiring a professional. Like how using a klook promo code going to Disneyland Hong Kong saves a lot rather than getting there in regular price.

Finally, determine if you will be using paid advertisement platforms. Choose the platforms which are most likely to be accessed by your intended audience. Customize your advertisements depending on the platform where it will be located. Some filmmakers opt to plan premiere parties and events to create buzz for their work - this is something that you might want to look into. Ensure that you maintain constant communication and engagement with fans.